Evaluate the Perimeter of your Basement

Most homes are sitting on a treasure trove of useful space: the basement.

However, many basements are damp or leaky, and make unsuitable choices for livable space.

Before you can start any basement remodeling project, you have to keep the water out.  For starters, evaluate the perimeter of your house.

You should ensure that the ground next to your foundation slopes away from the foundation, not towards it.

Backfilled dirt around the foundation will typically settle lower than the surrounding dirt causing the ground to sink in and slope towards your house. If necessary, add dirt up against the foundation to create at least a 2″ per foot (that is, a drop of 2″ for each foot you move away) slope against the foundation. Make sure that the top of the dirt is at least six inches below the sill plate so that there is no ground contact which may cause certain building materials to rot in the future. Next, check your gutters and downspouts. Your roof collects a large amount of rainwater and channels it right to the edge of the roof.

If this rainwater is deposited on the ground right next to your foundation, you’ll have problems.

Make sure your gutters are clean, and make sure your downspouts are discharging their water at least 5 feet away from your foundation.  Also, Watch out for shrubs and other plants that are too close to your foundation.

Rotted roots can create a path for surface water to flow down to your foundation.

You should keep plantings at least 12″ away from the foundation, and on a slight slope to direct water away from your foundation.  If basement leaking persists, call The Crack Wizard.

The Crack Wizard has been waterproofing foundation cracks since 1993, and our repairs are affordable and guaranteed.

 Request information online at www.thecrackwizard.com or call (888)-CRACK WIZARD.

How Long Does It Take The Crack Wizard To Repair A Foundation Crack?

How Long Does It Take The Crack Wizard To Repair A Foundation Crack?

2 hours.  That’s right, 2 hours.

A single foundation crack, ten linear feet in length or less, can be repaired in a couple of hours, usually less.

 The Crack Wizard’s exclusively formulated sealants and resins are engineered to work immediately on poured concrete foundations, so the moment we are finished, your crack is guaranteed not to leak even before we are up the stairs.

Further, our repair materials are designed for residential use, and don’t contain the objectionable lingering  odors found in materials used by most other crack injection companies.

 Plus, because we only specialize in foundation crack injection, we can respond faster than full-service foundation repair companies who are backed-up with large scale waterproofing projects.  In most cases, The Crack Wizard can provide homeowners, Realtors and contractors with same-day price quotes.  And our turn-around time to make repairs is usually only a day or two.  And with our experienced technicians covering the entire metro area, we can also provide free in-house estimates with very little advanced notice.

Our offices are open 7 days a week from 7am-9pm, and all crack injection work done by The Crack Wizard comes with our Lifetime of the Structure Warranty.

 That means every crack we repair is guaranteed not to leak for as long as your house is standing!  So whether you are finishing your basement or selling your home, call The Crack Wizard.

The Crack Wizard gives homeowners the peace-of-mind of knowing their foundation cracks will remain dry even during the rainiest of seasons.

 Immediate price quotes.  Experienced technicians.  Fast turn around.  Lifetime Warranties.  And the best pricing in town!  ”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  For a free estimate, call Toll Free (888)-CRACK WIZARD (1-888-272-2594), or get an immediate online quote at www.thecrackwizard.com.  For cracks in poured concrete foundations walls, call The Crack Wizard.

Can The Crack Wizard Repair A Crack That’s Actively Leaking?

Can The Crack Wizard Repair A Crack That’s Actively Leaking? Yes!

The Crack Wizard’s exclusively formulated epoxy sealants and moisture-activated urethane resins are engineered to permanently waterproof cracks, even while they are actively leaking!

 Many companies will tell homeowners and contractors that a foundation crack has to be “dry to the touch” before injection work can commence.

However, most foundation cracks need to be repaired immediately to prevent further leaking and/or damage.

 So if you are a homeowner, contractor or Realtor who needs a crack repaired, call The Crack Wizard.  Even during the heaviest of spring rains, The Crack Wizard’s experienced technicians can complete permanent, quick and clean foundation repairs.  So why wait?

The Crack Wizard provides free at-home estimates, and also can provide immediate pricing information through www.thecrackwizard.com.

 Most importantly, The Crack Wizard offers a Lifetime of the Structure Warranty on all injection repairs.  Any crack repaired by The Crack Wizard is guaranteed not to leak as long as the property is standing.  And with the Spring rains just beginning, why prolong repairs that can be completed at once?  And to better serve the real estate and trades community, The Crack Wizard offers ’7-Day-A-Week Service’ for foundation crack-related situations that just can’t wait.

The Crack Wizard services the entire St. Louis metro area, and provides upfront pricing via email, phone or text.

 ”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  Contact us today for a free estimate, or for initial advice if you are not sure where to start.  The Crack Wizard also offers drywall removal/replacement when necesary, and specializes in cracks that have been previously patched, repaired or injected.

The Crack wizard has specialized in foundation repair since 1993, and can quickly assess your basement problems with upfront, easy-to-understand advice and guidance.

 Visit us online at www.thecrackwizard.com, or call us Toll Free (888)-CRACK WIZARD (1-888-272-2594) for information regarding your cracked and leaking foundation or basement.

Leaking Basements And Mold

For mold to develop in a basement, the following conditions need to be present: Mold spores; Wood or drwall; Darkness (since mold can’t grow under ultraviolet light); Warmth (mold can’t grow in freezing temperatures); Oxygen; Moisture; and finally, Time (most molds can begin to grow in 24-48 hours under ideal conditions).

If moisture is present in a home’s basement, that becomes the real cause of mold growth.

 The other factors listed will always be present in a home, but moisture can be controlled.  So essentially, the difference between mold growth and NO mold growth comes down to how dry you keep your basement.

Humidity Causes Mold

If the weather’s been very humid for a few days in a row you might notice mold starting to grow in your home. When it rains for several days it’s especially common to see mold start to grow on walls, benches and other surfaces because of the wet air.

Leaking Pipes Cause Mold

Water leaks from pipes are a common cause of mold growth. The worst leaks are the ones that go undetected because they are hidden out of view, like inside a wall. By the time you discover these leaks mold has usually started to grow already.

Flooding Causes Mold

It is almost inevitable that some mold problems will develop after your home has been affected by flooding. Obviously your house will be very wet for a long time during a flood, taking days or even weeks to dry out. Since mold only needs a suitable surface to be wet for 24 hours before it can grow this means there is a huge risk of mold growth.

Some dangerous toxic molds require more extreme conditions than common molds do,

such as the toxic mold Stachybotrys chartarum which requires material to be very wet for several days to grow. A flood can create these conditions putting your home more at risk of being infested with dangerous toxic molds.

To keep your basement dry and mold-free, call The Crack Wizard for a free estimate.  ”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  (888)-CRACK WIZARD or www.thecrackwizard.com.

Should I Repair A Foundation Crack Myself Or Should I Call A Crack Repair Contractor?

In many cases, a foundation crack is a nuisance symptom that may only leak a handful of times over the course of a year.

If a homeowner has this type of symptom and is considering repairing the crack on his (or her) own, here are a few factors to consider:

One.  Any repair material that is topically applied to a  foundation wall crack (hydraulic cement, caulk, tar, etc.) will eventually become compromised, causing the patched crack to leak.  By applying material only to the surface of the crack (or “V-ing” out the crack to pack in more material), a homeowner is ultimately creating a potentially more-involved repair procedure if the crack leaks in the future.  Two.  If a homeowner decides to use a D-I-Y Injection Kit, keep in mind a very important factor:  Epoxy and urethane sealants and resins are fast-acting and volatile, and can cause serious injury if used in untrained hands.  Pressure-injecting a foundation crack is not an easy procedure for homeowners to correctly execute.  Plus, in addition to the risk of wasting a lot of materials (and money) due to incorrect usage, homeowners also need to take in to consideration the protective and preventative materials and clothing required to avoid harmful injuries.  <h3>Finally, and most importantly:  Even if a homeowner properly repairs a crack, there is no guarantee or warranty if said homeowner ever decides to sell his or her home.

This factor in-and-of-itself prevents even the most handy homeowners from repairing cracks on their own.

So if you’ve thought about repairing a foundation crack yourself, remember there are downsides.

But for homeowners who want to save money AND get the best warranty in the business, call The Crack Wizard.

The Crack Wizard has specialized in foundation repair since 1993, and our work is affordable, guaranteed, quick, and permanent.

 For a free estimate, call (888)-CRACKWIZARD (1-888-272-2594) or get an immediate quote online by going to www.thecrackwizard.com.  ”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”!

How Can Water Enter My Basement?

The Crack Wizard gets asked this question quite often.

The answer is, water can only enter a basement one of three ways. One: Through the wall. Two: Up from the floor. Three: Over the top of the foundation.

Every home’s foundation is different, and some homes experience none of these symptoms, while other homes experience all three simultaneously.

Why is this information important to consumers? Because the source of the moisture should determine the proper repair.

For homeowners with cracks and leaks in the wall, the most permanent and cost-effective repair is to have the crack(s) pressure injected with either an epoxy or urethane resin. If your water is coming up from the floor and/or where the floor and wall meet, what you’re experiencing is hydrostatic pressure. Depending on the frequency and severity of the water problem, a sump-pump and/or sub-slab drain tile system may be the answer. But before committing to such an invasive, disruptive, and expensive repair, you may want to check your drainage and grading first. In many cases, addressing improper water run-off is a logical and effective first step to correcting a hydrostatic pressure water problem. And finally, if water is making its way over the top of the foundation, this is also attributed to exterior factors that could be corrected with proper and regular maintenance.

The Crack Wizard sees basement water problems every day.

And if you’re not sure where to start, contact The Crack Wizard for a free, no-obligation consultation.The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.

The Crack Wizard is open 7 days a week, 7am-9pm to assist you with your foundation repair needs. Go to www.thecrackwizard.com, or call Toll Free (888)-CRACKWIZARD.

You Paid Your Tax, Now Fix Your Cracks!

This time of year, many homeowners are awaiting their much-anticipated tax returns.  And with the spring rains right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider repairing your foundation cracks and basement leaks.

 Sure, there are plenty of fun things you could buy with your tax return, but why not consider fixing those basement leaks now, before they start leaking in the springtime.

The Crack Wizard’s exclusively formulated sealants and resins are engineered to repair foundation cracks permanently and affordably.

And since our repair work is done from inside the home, The Crack Wizard can fix foundation cracks year-round, regardless of the temperatures outside.

Most importantly, The Crack Wizard can treat foundation cracks even if they’re leaking.

While some foundation repair companies may make you wait days, weeks, or even months for your crack(s) to dry out, The Crack Wizard can quickly and permanently fix your leaking foundation crack NOW, giving you peace-of-mind BEFORE the rainy season.

The Crack Wizard also can give you an immediate price on your foundation crack repairs.

 Best of all, when your foundation crack is repaired by The Crack Wizard, it’s repaired forever.

The Crack Wizard provides a Lifetime of the Structure Warranty on all injection work, meaning that our work is guaranteed not to leak for as LONG as you’re house is standing!

And for homeowners who are considering selling their home, The Crack Wizard’s Warranty is in the name of the property address, and is transferable at no charge, regardless of changes in ownership.  As The Crack Wizard says…..”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  Find out why The Crack Wizard is the choice of top Realtors, inspectors, and contractors throughout the midwest. For an immediate E-Quote or to schedule a free estimate, call (888)-CRACK WIZARD (1-888-272-2594) or find us online at www.thecrackwizard.com

How Do I Know If My Foundation Crack Is A Structural Concern?

This is a commonly asked question by homeowners who may be concerned that their crack is more than ‘just a crack’.

 Adding to the confusion could be the quantity of varying ‘solutions’ homeowners receive from foundation repair contractors.

And while most foundation wall cracks pose no threat to the structural integrity of a foundation, there are definitely foundation problems that warrant extensive, structural repairs.

 The Crack Wizard has twenty-plus years experience in assessing structural symptoms, and can quickly and accurately recommend a means of repair to solve your foundation related problem.

But for homeowners who want to know what they can do themselves, here are a few quick and easy tips that can help ease concerns about whether your foundation problem is minor or more involved:

 One.  Are your doors and windows closing properly?  Regardless of what you’ve read or what you’ve been told, your foundation is probably in adequate shape if you can close your doors and windows without noticing gaps or ‘sticking’.  Two.  If you have foundation wall cracks, rub your hand over the crack(s) to feel for any significant displacement.  Meaning, is one side of the foundation crack higher or lower than the other? Typically, cracks that don’t have noticeable displacement can usually be pressure injected, and may not require structural repairs.  Three.  Do you notice any cracking on the exterior of your foundation?  Homeowners with brick exteriors should not be alarmed by ‘stairstep pattern’ cracks through the mortar joints.  However, if homeowners notice vertical cracks through the actual bricks themselves, that could be a symptom that requires structural attention.

If you do notice symptoms that could be indicative of structural issues, consider contacting a Structural Engineer to objectively evaluate your foundation BEFORE getting bids.

 The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  Call (888) CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594) or www.thecrackwizard.com.

Why Is The Crack Wizard The Best Choice For Foundation Repair?

If you have a foundation crack in your wall, The Crack Wizard is your best choice for repair.

 Why?  Because of our experience.  Our results.  And our warranty.

Since 1993, The Crack Wizard has ONLY specialized in foundation crack repair, so that’s all we do.

 That may make The Crack Wizard a one-trick pony, but it’s a really good trick when it comes to solving one of the biggest problems facing homeowners:  Cracked and leaking foundations.  And for 20 years, The Crack Wizard has permanently repaired every type of foundation crack and leak imaginable:

Vertical cracks, diagonal cracks, horizontal cracks, cracks off windows, cracks off support beams, cracks around service pipes, and cracks that have been previously repaired that have re-cracked!

 The Crack Wizard can even repair cracks that are actively leaking, and The Crack Wizard can repairs cracks from the exterior of the foundation when necessary.

The bottom line:  If you have a crack or leak in your poured concrete foundation wall, The Crack Wizard can permanently and affordably repair it.

 And with our exclusively formulated epoxy and urethane sealants and resins, The Crack Wizard will always recommend the most effective materials for your job.  Our industrial-grade injection products are engineered for residential use, and are installed only by trained, experienced technicians.

The Crack Wizard provides only permanent solutions to your cracked and leaking foundation, and will address your concerns in a timely fashion.

 Finally, The Crack Wizard ‘Lifetime of the Structure Warranty’ is the best in the business!  The Crack Wizard warranty states that any crack we repair will never leak for as your house is standing!  Plus, our warranty certificate is in the name of the property address, and is transferable at no charge regardless of changes in ownership.  The Crack Wizard never charges reinspection or transfer fees.  Experience.  Results.  Warranty.  As The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  Visit us at www.thecrackwizard.com or call us toll free (888) CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594).

I Have Leaks Behind Drywall. What Should I Do?

I Have Leaks Behind Drywall. What Should I Do?

That’s a common question without a simple answer for homeowners facing this stressful situation.  Is the leak a recurring issue, or does it happen once or twice a year?  Does the leak manifest itself over a sizable area of the wall and/or floor, or is it a small, confined leak?  Is your wall poured concrete, or is it made of concrete block or stone?  The Crack Wizard’s advice is this:

The only way to accurately assess the source of a leak is to actually see where the leak starts from inside the basement.

 Unfortunately for homeowners with finished basements, the idea of removing drywall, paneling, and trim work isn’t anybody’s first choice.  But if the leak is persistent and wreaking havoc with walls and/or carpeting,

the only way to isolate the leak and solve the problem is to remove the drywall (or paneling) so the leaking area can be found and evaluated.

 The Crack Wizard is one of the only foundation repair and waterproofing contractors to provide drywall removal/replacement services.  The Crack Wizard charges a little extra for this service, but it eliminates the need to have a foundation repair contractor at the mercy of a drywall contractor (and vice-versa).

With 20 years experience, The Crack Wizard can confidently determine if a leak pattern could be a crack behind drywall, as opposed to something symptomatic of a larger water problem.

 Further, there are many situations where a homeowner only sees a crack on the exterior of the foundation.

In these cases, it is possible to effectively pressure-inject the crack from the ‘outside-in’ with a fast-activating urethane resin from The Crack Wizard.

 While this repair approach has limitations, it is a successful option that doesn’t involve exposing and disrupting a finished lower level.  For a free estimate or for more information, call Toll Free (888)-CRACK WIZARD, or request information online at www.thecrackwizard.com.  As The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.