I Have Leaks Behind Drywall. What Should I Do?

I Have Leaks Behind Drywall. What Should I Do?

That’s a common question without a simple answer for homeowners facing this stressful situation.  Is the leak a recurring issue, or does it happen once or twice a year?  Does the leak manifest itself over a sizable area of the wall and/or floor, or is it a small, confined leak?  Is your wall poured concrete, or is it made of concrete block or stone?  The Crack Wizard’s advice is this:

The only way to accurately assess the source of a leak is to actually see where the leak starts from inside the basement.

 Unfortunately for homeowners with finished basements, the idea of removing drywall, paneling, and trim work isn’t anybody’s first choice.  But if the leak is persistent and wreaking havoc with walls and/or carpeting,

the only way to isolate the leak and solve the problem is to remove the drywall (or paneling) so the leaking area can be found and evaluated.

 The Crack Wizard is one of the only foundation repair and waterproofing contractors to provide drywall removal/replacement services.  The Crack Wizard charges a little extra for this service, but it eliminates the need to have a foundation repair contractor at the mercy of a drywall contractor (and vice-versa).

With 20 years experience, The Crack Wizard can confidently determine if a leak pattern could be a crack behind drywall, as opposed to something symptomatic of a larger water problem.

 Further, there are many situations where a homeowner only sees a crack on the exterior of the foundation.

In these cases, it is possible to effectively pressure-inject the crack from the ‘outside-in’ with a fast-activating urethane resin from The Crack Wizard.

 While this repair approach has limitations, it is a successful option that doesn’t involve exposing and disrupting a finished lower level.  For a free estimate or for more information, call Toll Free (888)-CRACK WIZARD, or request information online at www.thecrackwizard.com.  As The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.

Why Does Concrete Crack?

Concrete consists of cement, sand, gravel and water.  As the water in the slurry evaporates, the remaining ingredients cure in to a hard slab.

This curing process causes the concrete to shrink slightly, resulting in cracked concrete.

 Certainly variances in moisture and/or temperature play a role in the expansion and shrinkage of concrete, and all poured concrete foundations are inherently susceptible to cracking over time.  Whether foundation cracks are caused by the normal curing process or by settlement (albeit normal, minor settlement),

most foundation cracks in poured concrete foundations pose no threat to the structural integrity of the foundation.

 However, foundation wall cracks can allow ground water in to the basement, causing water damage to finished areas and personal property.  Leaking foundation cracks are one of the biggest problems facing homeowners, and they can occur in any home, at any time, regardless of the age of the house.

For homeowners with leaking foundation cracks, the repair options can vary greatly in terms of cost, disruption, and permanency.

 Since most foundation wall cracks can be easily and permanently repaired from inside the basement, The

Crack Wizard recommends pressure-injecting these types of cracks with either an epoxy or urethane resin.

 The Crack Wizard’s pressure-injection repair process is done from inside the home, so it eliminates the need for outside digging or excavation.  And if the source of the water is coming from the crack, the installation of a sump-pump or other type of pressure relief system isn’t necessary.  Plus, The Crack Wizard specializes in repairing cracks that have been previously patched, repaired or injected.  Foundation wall cracks with prior repairs can be permanently waterproofed by The Crack Wizard, with our repairs backed by a ‘Lifetime of the Structure Crack Wizard Warranty’!

The Crack Wizard is open 7 days a week, and can provide free pricing information online at www.thecrackwizard.com, or by calling Toll Free (888)-CRACK WIZARD (1-888-272-2594).

 The Crack Wizard says…”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.

Will Repairing A Foundation Crack Cause Other Foundation Cracks To Develop?

No.  When foundation cracks in a poured concrete wall are repaired by The Crack Wizard, any ground water that would make its way through the crack will just migrate in to the earth.

 And while there is logic to the conventional wisdom of “water finding the path of least resistance”, the reality is,  a properly repaired foundation crack will not cause other cracks to develop.

For homeowners with common foundation wall cracks that are not indicative of structural defects, the best repair option is to have the crack pressure-injected with a urethane resin or epoxy resin.

 Once a crack is pressure-injected with an epoxy resin or urethane resin, the  foundation crack becomes impermeable to water penetration.  Ground water that would typically end up on a basement wall or floor will ultimately evaporate in to the ground, as opposed to “creating other cracks”.   One of the common misconceptions about foundation cracks is that they are caused by lateral water pressure against the foundation.

However, most foundation wall cracks are caused by the natural shrinkage and/or settlement (albeit normal settlement) of a poured concrete foundation, and not undue water pressure against the foundation.

 Poured concrete foundations are inherently susceptible to cracking, and treating a foundation crack will NOT cause other cracks to develop.  Finally, many foundation cracks develop in the ‘weak points’ of a basement, such as corners of windows and off the corners of support beams.

These cracks are common, minor and can be permanently and affordably repaired by The Crack Wizard.

 The Crack Wizard’s exclusively formulated sealants and resins provide clean, odorless repairs that are backed by our Lifetime ‘Crack Wizard’ Warranty.

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As The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.

 Get an immediate online quote by going to www.thecrackwizard.com, or call us Toll Free at (888) CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594).