How Long Does It Take The Crack Wizard To Repair A Foundation Crack?

How Long Does It Take The Crack Wizard To Repair A Foundation Crack?

2 hours.  That’s right, 2 hours.

A single foundation crack, ten linear feet in length or less, can be repaired in a couple of hours, usually less.

 The Crack Wizard’s exclusively formulated sealants and resins are engineered to work immediately on poured concrete foundations, so the moment we are finished, your crack is guaranteed not to leak even before we are up the stairs.

Further, our repair materials are designed for residential use, and don’t contain the objectionable lingering  odors found in materials used by most other crack injection companies.

 Plus, because we only specialize in foundation crack injection, we can respond faster than full-service foundation repair companies who are backed-up with large scale waterproofing projects.  In most cases, The Crack Wizard can provide homeowners, Realtors and contractors with same-day price quotes.  And our turn-around time to make repairs is usually only a day or two.  And with our experienced technicians covering the entire metro area, we can also provide free in-house estimates with very little advanced notice.

Our offices are open 7 days a week from 7am-9pm, and all crack injection work done by The Crack Wizard comes with our Lifetime of the Structure Warranty.

 That means every crack we repair is guaranteed not to leak for as long as your house is standing!  So whether you are finishing your basement or selling your home, call The Crack Wizard.

The Crack Wizard gives homeowners the peace-of-mind of knowing their foundation cracks will remain dry even during the rainiest of seasons.

 Immediate price quotes.  Experienced technicians.  Fast turn around.  Lifetime Warranties.  And the best pricing in town!  ”For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  For a free estimate, call Toll Free (888)-CRACK WIZARD (1-888-272-2594), or get an immediate online quote at  For cracks in poured concrete foundations walls, call The Crack Wizard.