Should I Repair A Foundation Crack Myself Or Should I Call A Crack Repair Contractor?

In many cases, a foundation crack is a nuisance symptom that may only leak a handful of times over the course of a year.

If a homeowner has this type of symptom and is considering repairing the crack on his (or her) own, here are a few factors to consider:

One.  Any repair material that is topically applied to a  foundation wall crack (hydraulic cement, caulk, tar, etc.) will eventually become compromised, causing the patched crack to leak.  By applying material only to the surface of the crack (or “V-ing” out the crack to pack in more material), a homeowner is ultimately creating a potentially more-involved repair procedure if the crack leaks in the future.  Two.  If a homeowner decides to use a D-I-Y Injection Kit, keep in mind a very important factor:  Epoxy and urethane sealants and resins are fast-acting and volatile, and can cause serious injury if used in untrained hands.  Pressure-injecting a foundation crack is not an easy procedure for homeowners to correctly execute.  Plus, in addition to the risk of wasting a lot of materials (and money) due to incorrect usage, homeowners also need to take in to consideration the protective and preventative materials and clothing required to avoid harmful injuries.  <h3>Finally, and most importantly:  Even if a homeowner properly repairs a crack, there is no guarantee or warranty if said homeowner ever decides to sell his or her home.

This factor in-and-of-itself prevents even the most handy homeowners from repairing cracks on their own.

So if you’ve thought about repairing a foundation crack yourself, remember there are downsides.

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