Crack Repair Frequently Asked Questions


After The Crack Wizard completes a job, we leave a handout that answers the following work-related questions.

Leaking Basement Crack Repair

1. Can I remove the plastic tubes sticking out of the repaired crack after the work is complete?

Yes. The plastic tubes (“injection ports”) can be removed from the wall 24 hours after the crack is injected. While most homeowners leave the injection ports on the wall, the ports can be removed by cutting them off at the base (flush with the wall) with any type of small saw or blade. Removing the injection ports can be done without jeopardizing the warranty or the integrity of the repair.

2. Can I paint over the repaired crack after the work is complete? If so, how long should I wait?

Yes, our work can be painted over with any latex or acrylic paint immediately after the repair is complete. Painting over the repair will not jeopardize the warranty or the integrity of the repair.

3. How do I transfer my warranty to new owners if/when I sell my property?

Just leave your certificate with the new owner if the property is sold. Since our warranty is in the name of the property address (and transferable to new owners at no charge), our repair work is always warranted, regardless of who owns the property. New owners can update their information simply by contacting our office.

The Crack Wizard uses proprietary sealants and resins to provide permanent and affordable solutions to one of the biggest problems facing homeowners: Cracked and leaking concrete in basement foundation walls.

With over 20 years experience, The Crack Wizard specializes in repairing cracks in poured concrete foundations.

If you have any other questions

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please call 1-888-CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594)

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Mold Removal Organic Spray

Keep Your Basement Free Of Mold With This Mold Removal Spray From The Crack Wizard!

Since 1993 The Crack Wizard has specialized in permanently solving one of the biggest problems facing homeowners: Cracked and leaking basements.

mold removal spray

To help keep your basement healthy and livable, The Crack Wizard is excited to offer this Organic Mold Removal Spray Kit.

Mold is one of the biggest threats to a home’s value and safety.

This organic ‘Mold Killer and Prevention Kit’ is the only product on the market that actually ALTERS the DNA make-up of mold, ensuring that any existing mold is not only removed, but is guaranteed NOT to grow back!

This ‘Mold Killer Kit’ consists of two products: The Molderizer Removal Spray, and the SafeShield Encapsulating Solution. Used together, these two products provide a 100% organic
1-2 Punch’ that attacks mold at the root of the problem, then protects the area from recurring mold growth.

The Mold Removal Spray Kit is 100% Natural, and is designed for residential use.

There are no harsh fumes or chemicals, and best of all, this kit is approved by OCI or effectiveness and authenticity. For peace-of-mind, this easy to use mold removal spray is perfect for homeowners nationwide.

To place an order, call (888).CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594) or email us at

For over 20 years, The Crack Wizard has been repairing cracks and leaks in poured concrete foundations.

Through the use of our exclusively formulated sealants and resins, we are able to permanently and affordably solve water problems in basements. Our estimates are free, and we even offer immediate pricing via email, phone or text.

Also, our repair work comes with a ‘Lifetime of the Structure’ Warranty that is transferable regardless of changes in ownership! Once your crack is repaired by The Crack Wizard, it’s repaired forever. “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call!”

More information about the harm of mold from the EPA: