How Do I Know If My Foundation Crack Is A Structural Concern?

This is a commonly asked question by homeowners who may be concerned that their crack is more than ‘just a crack’.

 Adding to the confusion could be the quantity of varying ‘solutions’ homeowners receive from foundation repair contractors.

And while most foundation wall cracks pose no threat to the structural integrity of a foundation, there are definitely foundation problems that warrant extensive, structural repairs.

 The Crack Wizard has twenty-plus years experience in assessing structural symptoms, and can quickly and accurately recommend a means of repair to solve your foundation related problem.

But for homeowners who want to know what they can do themselves, here are a few quick and easy tips that can help ease concerns about whether your foundation problem is minor or more involved:

 One.  Are your doors and windows closing properly?  Regardless of what you’ve read or what you’ve been told, your foundation is probably in adequate shape if you can close your doors and windows without noticing gaps or ‘sticking’.  Two.  If you have foundation wall cracks, rub your hand over the crack(s) to feel for any significant displacement.  Meaning, is one side of the foundation crack higher or lower than the other? Typically, cracks that don’t have noticeable displacement can usually be pressure injected, and may not require structural repairs.  Three.  Do you notice any cracking on the exterior of your foundation?  Homeowners with brick exteriors should not be alarmed by ‘stairstep pattern’ cracks through the mortar joints.  However, if homeowners notice vertical cracks through the actual bricks themselves, that could be a symptom that requires structural attention.

If you do notice symptoms that could be indicative of structural issues, consider contacting a Structural Engineer to objectively evaluate your foundation BEFORE getting bids.

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Why Is The Crack Wizard The Best Choice For Foundation Repair?

If you have a foundation crack in your wall, The Crack Wizard is your best choice for repair.

 Why?  Because of our experience.  Our results.  And our warranty.

Since 1993, The Crack Wizard has ONLY specialized in foundation crack repair, so that’s all we do.

 That may make The Crack Wizard a one-trick pony, but it’s a really good trick when it comes to solving one of the biggest problems facing homeowners:  Cracked and leaking foundations.  And for 20 years, The Crack Wizard has permanently repaired every type of foundation crack and leak imaginable:

Vertical cracks, diagonal cracks, horizontal cracks, cracks off windows, cracks off support beams, cracks around service pipes, and cracks that have been previously repaired that have re-cracked!

 The Crack Wizard can even repair cracks that are actively leaking, and The Crack Wizard can repairs cracks from the exterior of the foundation when necessary.

The bottom line:  If you have a crack or leak in your poured concrete foundation wall, The Crack Wizard can permanently and affordably repair it.

 And with our exclusively formulated epoxy and urethane sealants and resins, The Crack Wizard will always recommend the most effective materials for your job.  Our industrial-grade injection products are engineered for residential use, and are installed only by trained, experienced technicians.

The Crack Wizard provides only permanent solutions to your cracked and leaking foundation, and will address your concerns in a timely fashion.

 Finally, The Crack Wizard ‘Lifetime of the Structure Warranty’ is the best in the business!  The Crack Wizard warranty states that any crack we repair will never leak for as your house is standing!  Plus, our warranty certificate is in the name of the property address, and is transferable at no charge regardless of changes in ownership.  The Crack Wizard never charges reinspection or transfer fees.  Experience.  Results.  Warranty.  As The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.  Visit us at or call us toll free (888) CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594).