Downspout Extenders keep water away from Basement

Keep Water Away From Your Foundation With This Downspout Extender From The Crack Wizard!

Since 1993 The Crack Wizard has specialized in permanently solving one of the biggest problems facing homeowners: Cracked and leaking basements.

To help keep your basement dry and livable, The Crack Wizard is excited to offer this Rainguard Downspout Extender.

downspout extenders keep water away from Basement

After every storm, you don’t have to worry about rolling up your downspout extenders so that you do not trip on them.

Get rid of runoff water and those unsightly downspout extenders, with self-retracting Rainguard™ 6 foot white downspout extensions.

Rainguard™ downspout extenders unroll automatically to disperse rainwater away from your foundation. Helps prevent wet basements and erosion damage to your lawn and flowerbeds.

Replenishes your natural groundwater aquifer. Allows compliance with municipal downspout disconnection programs. Helps reduce water pollution caused by sewer overflows.

Downspout Extenders Self-cleaning design expels dirt, leaves, and debris automatically!

Rainguard™ 14″ circumference fits all standard downspout sizes and shapes. We supply everything you need for fast and easy installation. Rainguard™ is constructed of six-mil thick polyethylene with ultraviolet (UV) protection. All components are tough weather-resistant plastic, with no metal parts to rust or wear out. Rainguard™ is the smart solution: attractive, effective, inexpensive and easy to install.

To place an order, call (888).CRACK-WIZARD (1-888-272-2594) or email us at For over 20 years, The Crack Wizard has been repairing cracks and leaks in poured concrete foundations. Through the use of our exclusively formulated sealants and resins, we are able to permanently and affordably solve water problems in basements. Our estimates are free, and we even offer immediate pricing via email, phone or text.

Also, our repair work comes with a ‘Lifetime of the Structure’ Warranty that is transferable regardless of changes in ownership! Once your crack is repaired by The Crack Wizard, it’s repaired forever. “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call!”