Winter Crack Protection

Protect Your Basement Before The Midwest Winter Weather Damages Your Foundation

The Crack Wizard says, “For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”.

With winter just around the corner, property owners immediately think of addressing the obvious seasonal items that come with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

winter freeze cracked concrete

And while it may not seem like the time to waterproof your basement, think again. In addition to winterizing your home, it’s equally important to protect your home’s basement and foundation. As temperatures move above and below the freezing point, poured concrete foundations and basements become increasingly susceptible to cracking and shrinking. Further, while all that winter snow may look pretty, it will ultimately freeze as water within your foundation before melting and finding its way in to your basement.

The Crack Wizard reminds homeowners, contractors and property managers to do everything reasonable to keep snow away from a home’s foundation.

In addition to keeping the exterior of the foundation free of snow and ice, homeowners should also make sure gutters are clear of debris and flowing properly.

Finally, for homeowners with sump-pump waterproofing systems, make sure exterior discharge pipes are extended far enough away from the home to prevent freezing within the pipe. A frozen discharge pipe will impede waterflow and jeopardize the effectiveness of an interior waterproofing system. Finally, make sure discharge pipes are redirected away from driveways, walkways, or other areas that could ice up and create walking hazards.

If your foundation has cracked and/or leaking foundations, call The Crack Wizard.

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