Wet Basement Checklist

Wet Basement Checklist from The Crack Wizard

If your basement leaks,
The Crack Wizard recommends using this checklist to help correct some common water problems:


  1. Are my gutters clean and free of obstructions?
  2. Is my yard grade sloped away from the house?
  3. Are my downspouts extended in the right direction?
  4. Are there splash blocks under my gutters/downspouts?
  5. Are the service pipes leading in to my house sealed?
  6. Are my window wells clean and draining properly?
  7. Is my air conditioning condensate line clean and draining?


cracked wet basement

These simple maintenance items can minimize basement-related leaks.

Call The Crack Wizard if problems persist. Through the use of our exclusively formulated epoxy sealants and injectable resins, The Crack Wizard can repair:

  • Vertical/Diagonal Cracks
  • Horizontal Cracks
  • Leaking Service Pipes
  • Re-Bar Leaks
  • Previously Repaired Cracks

Our experienced professionals will thoroughly and accurately evaluate your foundation problems, and will only recommend repair work that is suitable for your symptom.

The Crack Wizard’s “Life of the Structure” warranty gives homeowners the peace of mind they desire. Our warranty is simple: As long as your house is standing, any crack we repair is guaranteed not to leak. If it does, The Crack Wizard will reseal and/or reinject the repair at no charge. Plus, our Crack Wizard Lifetime warranty is transferable at no charge, regardless of changes in ownership. Whether you’re finishing your basement or selling your home, call The Crack Wizard for your foundation repair needs.
And if you want a price quote over the phone, call us at (888)- CRACK WIZARD

Servicing Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, The Crack Wizard offers guaranteed repairs that are backed by our Lifetime ‘Crack Wizard’ Warranty.

The Crack Wizard Offers:
-7 Day A Week Service
-Immediate e-Quote Pricing
Drywall Removal/Replacement
-Evening and Weekend Hours
-Lifetime Transferable ‘Crack Wizard Warranty
“For A Crack In Your Wall, Give The Wizard A Call”