CrackWizard specializes in repairing foundation cracks, floor cracks and carbon fiber.

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Why does concrete crack?

All poured concrete foundations are inherently susceptible to cracking. Concrete consists of cement, sand, gravel and water, and as the water in the slurry evaporates, the remaining ingredients cure in to a hard slab. Over time, the concrete will shrink and/or settle slightly, resulting in cracked concrete.

In climates where there are extreme variances in moisture and/or temperature, the process of shrinking and settling concrete can be accelerated. When cracks develop in poured concrete walls, ground water could make its way through these cracks, causing damage to finished areas and personal property.

Leaking foundation cracks are one of the biggest problems facing homeowners. Cracks can occur in any home, at any time, regardless of its age. However, most wall cracks pose no structural threat to the integrity of the foundation, and can be permanently and affordably repaired by CrackWizard.

Is CrackWizard’s Repair Process Disruptive To My Home?

CrackWizard works from inside the home, eliminating the need for messy, expensive outside work. Our exclusively formulated epoxy and urethane sealants and resins provide a permanent, cost-effective solution for foundation cracks. When CrackWizard repairs a crack, it’s fixed forever.

What is your warranty and what does it mean?

Our warranty is simple: As long as your house is standing, any crack we repair is guaranteed not to leak. If it does, we will repair it at no charge. Plus, our warranty is transferable at no charge, regardless of changes in ownership. Whether you are finishing your basement or selling your home, call CrackWizard for your foundation repair needs.

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CrackWizard specializes in repairing cracks that develop in poured concrete foundations. We also handle floor injections and carbon fiber.

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CrackWizard provides guaranteed, affordable repairs that are backed by our Lifetime of the Structure ' Crack Wizard Warranty'.

Locally owned and operated, CrackWizard will permanently repair foundation cracks using our exclusively formulated sealants and resins.